Redfish Charters is sporting a new captain… Grandson, Capt. Aerich Oliver.  He is now running charters and will take you to have a fun fishing day on the water. Capt. Charlie is not retiring yet but Capt. Aerich will take  a fair share of trips this year and in years to come!  Call now to book: 361-729-8220  


Fall is here and the temperatures we have all been waiting for are here! But also that one fish that will peel line right off of your reel in a hurry to get away. The redfish is one of the most exciting fights that you will have in shallow water. With the fast speed and weight they cut through the water and send your reel into a crazy and cravingful scream.

With the tide at an all time high, it is finally starting to recede back down to normal and with the cooler temps in the air the redfish are starting to heat up. The redfish want warm water, if the night is cold or cooler and they get cold you can bet that the reds are going to be seeking shallow water to warm up for the day. When the water starts warming up the redfish bite will change tremendously from the winter bite. The winter bite for redfish is a slow subtle bite they don’t really want to move fast but just move off with it. Now that the water is warming up the redfish will become more ” feisty ” as they will grab the bait and run pulling drag from the reel.

The bait of choice right now are live finger mullet and cut mullet. Live finger mullet are one of the best red fish bait you can use.  When you are using live mullet you hook them through the back to where they are still alive and well. The redfish are in the shallows right now and when I mean shallow I’m talking waist deep water to maybe chest deep water.

Some areas we have been fishing for the redfish are in Estes flats, Mudd Island, and Allyns Bite.  When targeting these areas you want to look for sand holes and or “mud boils.”  When you see a mud boil that usually mean a redfish is taking off in a hurry and mud kicks up off the bottom. When you go to fish these “sand holes” anchor up around 30 feet away from the hole and cast your lines in and wait for them to bite.

Also don’t forget about our new service of duck hunting this winter. We have had our first cold fronts starting to move in and that will start the migration of the ducks. This year is looking to be a great year for duck hunting and I especially can not wait!  Please call 361 729-8220 and lets get you on the calendar. We are also offering “Blast & Cast” trips. Duck hunt in the morning and fish the afternoon. All information and rates are on our website.

Hope this gives everyone that is reading this a little insight of what to look for and what to use and to also think about going on a once in a lifetime fishing or hunting trip. Also hope to see you out on the water, looks like I have to run have to get a line in the water! The redfish are biting.

Good catching to you from Capt. Aerich Oliver, USCG Licensed Fishing Guides